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Charleston Candle Works started as a way to create something unique. Something sustainable, economical and truly enjoyable!  Working as a nurse for over a decade, our founder learned the value of stress relief. After a hard, emotional, and physically stressful day at work, she loves, and sometimes needs, to come home to a hot bath lined with her favorite scented candles. Over the years, this passion for candles led to trying many scents, types, and brands. Eventually, the inconsistent quality convinced her to begin hand-making candles: for her self...then family...then friends. After experimenting with different formulations, waxes, and scents, she found the perfect natural solution: soy candles. These candles burn longer, cleaner, and with more fragrance.  Our suppliers produce fresh soy wax of the highest quality and we make our candles from 100% natural soy, with no chemical stabilizers and with top quality essential oils for fragrance. We are proud to support the local economy and farmers with our hand made "farm-to-candle" products.
natural soy candles